Mysteries of the Moonsea

Ambushed at the Bridge

Giant, Snakemen and One Mean Bitch on a Nightmare

Epilogue – Ambush at Bridge (Seaside Caves IV & V)


The company were greater by a rush of snakemen. And ogres as they crossed the chasm bridge. Strydar and Kenwood moved to far end of the bridge to hold the line. Cale of Tempus and Davus remain in support at the other end.

Xylia Asima is flying around the chasm in bird form.

The appearance of cloud giants in the throng of enemies emphasises the potential danger so Xylia Asima, Davus and Cale of Tempus unleash a barrage of fire spells divine and arcane. The large tunnel the enemy is issuing from becomes a furnace …’ incinerating frost giant, ogres and snakemen alike.

Still the horde swarms on with the cloud giants wading through flame as if it was just a mist. There is a crunch of steel on steel as warriors and giants clash by a pile of boulders at the far end of the bridge. Best not to let the giants get to those.

While Strydar and Kenwood desperately seek to stem the tide ahead the safe end of the bridge is suddenly attacked by an ogre magi and a malevolent looking women riding a jet black steed with eyes and hooves of fire…. Cale of Tempus and Davus suddenly find themselves on the front line…. web wands and divine smite are dished out.

The evil and despicable snake men use their cowardly divine power of inducing an irrational fear of snakes on Strydar who decides that attacking in a different direction to the end of the bridge with no snakes is best …. in the meantime Kenwood is left to face the music … the tune of that is the loud clang of giant morning stars caving in plate armour.

Cale of Tempus leaves Strydar to deal with the mystery ethereal rider and rushes to the other end of the bridge before it is to late…. however with a flicker of it evil snake tongue Cale of Tempus joins the fight as a baleful polymorphed snake… Kenwood at this point is in far to much distress to notice the valiant attempt…. luckily Strydar does not notice either.




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