Mysteries of the Moonsea

Breaching The Caves

Eastern Moonsea


The company is able to confirm Wunturn Radest suspicion that there is something not natural here, this mixed band of humanoids seem to be able to launch magical fire attacks … even the frost giants that normally fear this element. The caves must be explored to learn more and also seek the ethereal rider seen entering the cave.

The frost giants on the entrance seem to have failed to give the alarm as the inner guard cave and living cave have been cleared piecemeal… the owlbears and ogre burnt the warriors grievously. Cale and the arcane users used protection from fire spells to ensure the three giants resting to the north fell without much harm. Strydar (MIA) however did take a couple of brutal blows before the giants fell, a reminder that these creatures are also deadly in combat…. shame they seem to think they are wizards.



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