Mysteries of the Moonsea

Devils Ahoy

Devil Hunt in the Serpent Cellar


The flames in the brazier seem subdued by the smog the heat barely causing it to part.

Rufus gives out a bark to great a heavily cloaked but slight figure that comes into view, Xylia picking her way round the worst of the training yard mud while in discussion with one of the many acolytes of tempus.

The company resumes the vigil and ritual of keeping warm round the brazier, returning to the low murmured discussion and plans for the ice devil hunt…. it seems like you have been standing round this fire for a week.


The company walked the etheral plane to the cellar dungeon beneath the Sleeping Serpent Inn. The Inn above sounds silent and is assumed to still be abandoned.

The arcane arts and divine favor are used to layer magical defense on one and all.

Davus leads the group into the tunnels and through the flooded section to the repaired door to the ice devil lair. Cale performs a ritual to sanctify the area to tempus and deny magical travel to all in a vast area of subterranean tunnels.

The presence of tempus blessing alerts the devils and they flee with the heros in hot pursuit as they flee into as yet unexplored area…..from the sound of it the inhabitants of this new area are not fully welcoming of the creatures of darkness.

The pursuit is interrupted by four ogres making a brief stand in an entry guard room, a close quarters melee and spell exchange ensues leaving all ogres down and the heros a little bruised and burnt.

The party gathers to loot the ogres and take breath…. the Devils have disappeared to the south down a long corridor.

Riki can sense an even more malevolent evil in that direction and begins to ponder that the ice devil may mearly be the apprentice …. and now the master approaches


With the gold and gems stashed the party gathers in the opening to the south passage and plans are discussed in response to Riki’s report.



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