Mysteries of the Moonsea

Evening in the Sleeping Serpent

28th Marpenoth, 1373 DR, Mulmaster

Sleeping serpent


Having returned to Mulmaster after the retreat to Elventree to consult with ‘Father’ and drop of the Tattoo’d Slave Lyetta the company heads for the run down ‘Sleeping Serpent’ in the docks district, where Lyetta belives she was held before her escape.

This could be the first brush with the slavers since the devils fire tavern in Melvaunt

An evening in the serpent

The Evening in the Sleeping Serpent

The Serpant is quiet as the winter never brings as much trade. The landlady Seskaya has rooms sorted out and the company settle in for the evening around the fire. Brahms performs well and the evening goes well. Two other guests are of note, a reclusive traveller who keeps his own company and spends little time in the tap room. The other is a smooth an gregarious ships officer who seems to know the landlady and many of the patrons well.
Late in the evening it becomes clear that there are people in the seller as food is seen being ordered and collected, nothing more is seen… clearly all is not as it seems. Maybe the slavers are beneath the inn.

Davus uses his sorcerous powers to pass through walls and floors from the guest room, appears over the stairs; loosing his balance he tumbles down the stairs.,. A tense moment until it is clear that nobody has heard. The win cellar seems normal, but where did the man who came for the food go?
Davus searches quickly and finding nothing leaves before his magical concelment fades.

The company lead by Cale consult the divine servants of Tempus hoping for guidance…. there is something more than wine in the celler… and there is a possibility that a path to Strydar could be found.

The company considers the next course of action…



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