Mysteries of the Moonsea

Hammer Raid Part III

"Hammer Raid"

The Assault continues….
Handout   myth k thellom entrance

1373 DR 4th Marpenoth in the Northern woods of Cormanthor near the Moonsea. Winter starts to grip the land the woods are blanketed with snow and ice.

Our heroes continued to press into the caves that the goblin cultists are cowering in. Having cleared the entrance cave they take a side passage winding up into the cliff expecting to find the guard post overlooking the entrance.

Cale leads the charge into the guard room after Davus points out the way with Kenwood moving up into support. The goblins are formed and ready and rush Cale as he enters with goblins closing in from all sides and charging down the sloped passage to catch Kenwood of guard. There is a brutal fight with cale of tempus cutting down a half dozen goblin cultists in seconds and pressing on into the room…. Kenwood is badly wounded to head and leg by several well placed blows, only the tunnel wall holds him up. Davus looks to blast the room clean but cannot get a clear shot with a fireball and holds off in case he kills his comrades.

Brahms and Kenwood mehodically fight their way up into the guard room to assist cale of tempus mopping up the resistance. The fight is over in a couple of minutes despite the goblins try to escape down another tunnel to the north.

Xylia Asima, Shimrond and Rufus cease their watch on the lower end of the tunnel and move up into the guard room. From here another pasage slopped down, probably to the northern caves. The clerics patched up kenwood who was some what ashamed to have taken such a beating from the gobos…. Cale commented that “I have broken a finger nail”

A lot of noise could be heard from the north as the goblins prepared their defences….into these Kenwood charged…. The goblins detonated their fire trap bathing th passage in flame. Brahms and Davus looked on as capable and Kenwood burned. A large force of goblinds and ogres looked on fro the far side of the cavern waiting for the flames to subside. Sylvia reduced the goblins ranks to chaos and death with a well placed spike stone spell….the survivors fled further back into the northern caves.

With the northern path blocked with their own enchantments the heroes returned to the southern passage and advanced inward and downward into the unknown.


“They came out of no-where” Says Kenwood, “I’d just put myself away and the little buggers crept up and stabbed me in the arse” Says the agrieved paladin. “course I went mental and splatted them but the damage was done. Then I fall into the room and cale is standing atop a mound of bodies just laughing, just standing there laughing. It was Strange.”

Hammer Raid Part III

Davus looks on as the last of the goblins scatter and fall as the very stones of their cave pierce them through….the energy for the fire magic he prepared courses through his veins..“Gotta blast something …all this power”

Hammer Raid Part III

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