Mysteries of the Moonsea

The Vision

Handout   spirit elf messenger of the wolf………………… from swirling mist, framed by the glow of sunlight a howling wolf and his Elven companion. The Elf proclaimed himself as the spirit of The Lone Wolf (Fenmarel Mestarine diety of outcasts)and that the party having removed the Spectres set to guard his fallen comrades would now find trinkets to aid in the fight against the Cult of Vorbyx.

On the mere mention of loot, and true to form, the majority of the party virtually ignored the rest of the visions pronouncement to scrabble about in the nearby pond to unearth the promised items. With the use of Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Unseen Servant and Otter Form the pond was thoroughly searched and the bodies/skeletons of the 3 fallen Elves found along with two rings later to be identified as a Ring of Swimming and a Ring of Counter Spell.

With the party dried off and a suitable campsite for the night found, preparation for an assault on the Portal Caverns was begun……………….

First Return Sight of the Portal Caverns

Having assessed both entrances to the Portal Cavern, hopefully containing the lost/bartered (and battered) hammer, Davus reported back to the waiting party. With a report of multiple arrow slits in the cliff faces approaching both entrances it was decided that the party would retreat to a safe camp and prepare suitable spells for a stealthy approach.

On retracing the route towards the head of the valley the sounds of elven mourning were heard and, as already in bird form, Xylia flitted off to take a look.

The sight of three smoky, shadowy forms with purple malevolent eyes spotted by Xylia were spotted simultaneously by Cale and Davus. Without hesitation Davus surrounded the creatures with a ball of fire, two of which then charged directly at him. Having recognised the taint of undead Cale called upon his faith in Tempus to turn the advancing pair and reek further damage. Before they could turn and flee Xylia returned them to dust with Mielikki’s Divine Fire with Davus trusting to his own ability in avoiding the flames in preference to risking longer contact with the Spectres. Having been targeted by the first two, the third Spectre followed suit and charged towards Davus accepting the damage of a self targetted Fire Ball, Davus again relying on his ability to get out of the way, but the Spectre falling the Searing Light of Cale.

Three Spectres dealt with before half the party were even aware of their presence, but before reminders could be passed to Kenwood about remembering to but his helmet on the right way round in future, a vision materialised ……………

Drow Attack Defeated. Onwards ...

…. spotted by Xylia, Brahms and Shimrond. To the south of the combat a Drow Warlock, the caster of the earlier fireball, made his appearance as Cale and Kenwood re-joined the party to provide additional support.

The regrouped party soon dispatched the remaining Drow admittedly with it be a bit touch and go with the Drow Captain resorting to Slay Living in a desperate attempt to take Xylia out of the equation. Having seen the Captain finally fall the Drow Priestess turned tale and ran only to be tracked and sent to her gods by an aerially launched Lightning Bolt from Xylia in Bird Form.

With the combat completed the party searched the bodies and the camp only to find six poor tortured and now dead (a potential result of the earlier fireball) woodsman previously held captive by the Drow and from the look of the manacles be prepared for slavery. A decision was made to move camp carrying the dead woodsman so that they could be brought back to life and released to continue with their lives.

Having camped for two days, the party and the woodsman healed, a route was identified leading to the portal caverns and the target of regaining the Skeletal Hammer previously owned by Kenwood.

Along this route a grove and alter dedicated to the death of innocents was found but left to be revisited once the primary goal was achieved.

Without further upset the caverns were reached and Davus set out to make an initial investigation into strength and defence …………….

The Drow Camp trap

Teleporting ala druid style from plant to plant to head back to find the mighty hammer some of the party had handed over to the the ogres some months ago. It was time to get our bearings.

Xylia transformed into a bird bird from her normal human bird. Did her flitting around from above and then went higher still. She came down to report a camp fire which Davus and the bard Brahms had already spotted through the trees.

Davus was sent to scout it out. He soon realised that the others had decided to provide backup which was to prove to be critical.

Eventually Davus worked out it was a Drow camp. Futher back Brahms and Xylia knew this as Brahms could understand the evil conversation.

Something was odd about the camp. The conversation was being repeated. Davus grew suspsicious of the lack of movement and an edgyness in the camp.

Unbeknown to Davus Xylia and Brahms were being stalked by other drow.

Xylia removed a stalking drow with a lightning bolt from the sky.

Davus ready for action immediate fireballed the camp fire group and four drow dropped. A drow Mage responded with a but Davus was too quick. Davus went invisible and head towards the party to regroup.

Drow warriors closed in on the main party.

Spiders appeared around the Brahms and Shrimrond who had just caught up. Rufus bounded to the resuce

The trap was sprung.

A drow cleric stepped up only to be……


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