Mysteries of the Moonsea

Pillar of Fire II
Rock and Roll in the Mountain


Pillar of Fire II

As Buldon entered the large cave at the foot of the long cave passage the roof appears to collapse dumping tonnes of rubble just in front of the stunned company … Buldon vanishes in a cloud of dust, rubble and rock skitters over the cave floor…. close call …. phew

As the dust settles the company breathes easy and Bull starts to brush the dust from his clothes with a wry grin at his comrades. There is a resumption in the deafening rumble and roar of falling rock … Buldon sees his comrades expressions snap from relief to terror …. gazes rising upwards and involuntarily stepping backwards with weapons coming to the ready….

Bull snatchers a glance behind ….. oh smeg …. the rock fall forms into two vast rock elementals each towering as high as a house.


The company stands in shock and frozen to the spot …. The frantic barks from Rufus circling on the spot snap our heroes back to action. Xylia calls down bolt of divine fire that can hardly miss these brutes … the charge at xylia is akin to the cave wall rushing forward, a few magic gestures and words drowned out by the din and Burdon magically vanishes.

The rock elementals close the distance in a single stride … the world becomes a storm of shattering rock as vast stone feet and fists come crashing down.

Strider and Kenwood hesitate a moment but then press forward to hold the beasts back ….. this is what it must be like to be on the receiving end of druid magic …. and where the heck is the representative of Tempus lord of battle …. he should be here to share !

Crunch…kapoww …. crush …. the two warriors are literally kicked aside with the responding blows hardly noticing. Both stagger back dazed and in pain. The likelihood of death ahead.

Kenwood grasps the amulet given to him by Cale and calling out to Tempus vanishes

Rufus rushes in to harass the creatures as both turn on strider….. who is dazed or blinded and opts to launch into a series of graceless haymakers which threaten friend and foe alike, Stryder is clearly badly wounded, Rufus dodges stryders wild man defence… Stryder staggers clear just as a huge rock foot crashes down crushing Rufus to the floor … a pool of blood gushes out around… Buldon reappears to magical extract the rearguard and as the creature lifts his foot to shake clear the dog offal manages grabs a big part of what is left on the floor… Xylia realises that all is lost and retreats as a small bird …poultry …. well maybe not poultry ….. but what ever it is it tastes like chicken..

But it is a chicken that lives to fight another day!

From the relative safety of the mountain tunnel the company regroups and use the amulets of tempus to instantly return to Mulmaster’

Ambushed at the Bridge
Giant, Snakemen and One Mean Bitch on a Nightmare

Epilogue – Ambush at Bridge (Seaside Caves IV & V)


The company were greater by a rush of snakemen. And ogres as they crossed the chasm bridge. Strydar and Kenwood moved to far end of the bridge to hold the line. Cale of Tempus and Davus remain in support at the other end.

Xylia Asima is flying around the chasm in bird form.

The appearance of cloud giants in the throng of enemies emphasises the potential danger so Xylia Asima, Davus and Cale of Tempus unleash a barrage of fire spells divine and arcane. The large tunnel the enemy is issuing from becomes a furnace …’ incinerating frost giant, ogres and snakemen alike.

Still the horde swarms on with the cloud giants wading through flame as if it was just a mist. There is a crunch of steel on steel as warriors and giants clash by a pile of boulders at the far end of the bridge. Best not to let the giants get to those.

While Strydar and Kenwood desperately seek to stem the tide ahead the safe end of the bridge is suddenly attacked by an ogre magi and a malevolent looking women riding a jet black steed with eyes and hooves of fire…. Cale of Tempus and Davus suddenly find themselves on the front line…. web wands and divine smite are dished out.

The evil and despicable snake men use their cowardly divine power of inducing an irrational fear of snakes on Strydar who decides that attacking in a different direction to the end of the bridge with no snakes is best …. in the meantime Kenwood is left to face the music … the tune of that is the loud clang of giant morning stars caving in plate armour.

Cale of Tempus leaves Strydar to deal with the mystery ethereal rider and rushes to the other end of the bridge before it is to late…. however with a flicker of it evil snake tongue Cale of Tempus joins the fight as a baleful polymorphed snake… Kenwood at this point is in far to much distress to notice the valiant attempt…. luckily Strydar does not notice either.


Exploring the Deeper Caves
Where did our Warriors Go

The company has split in two, the warriors have taken time out to rest and plan tactics while the remainder of the group, Davus, Xylia and Cale scout the North East Passage following the flaming hoof print tracks.


Breaching The Caves
Eastern Moonsea


The company is able to confirm Wunturn Radest suspicion that there is something not natural here, this mixed band of humanoids seem to be able to launch magical fire attacks … even the frost giants that normally fear this element. The caves must be explored to learn more and also seek the ethereal rider seen entering the cave.

The frost giants on the entrance seem to have failed to give the alarm as the inner guard cave and living cave have been cleared piecemeal… the owlbears and ogre burnt the warriors grievously. Cale and the arcane users used protection from fire spells to ensure the three giants resting to the north fell without much harm. Strydar (MIA) however did take a couple of brutal blows before the giants fell, a reminder that these creatures are also deadly in combat…. shame they seem to think they are wizards.

East to the Galena Mountains

East to the Galena Mountains


Handout   moonsea seascape with ice

Even under the Eves of The Cormanthor with its fey enchantment, the winter Moonsea months are bleak
From the heights of Shimrond’s tower in Hillsfar the vast fresh water sea is a patchwork of thin ice sheets and still cold water with a distinctive but subtle purple hue.
Negotiations with the wise but sexy sorceress are complete and gold and favours have been exchanged for newly crafted and wondrous items.

Shimrond seems to prosper and is making cash an influence in portal mastery with her mephit allies. She to has heard of the monstrous threat in the Gelanas mountains and is curious to know if the followers of Vorbyx or Malar are at work.

Time to head east …. its going to be harsh out there…..The time has come to pay the priests of Tempus for the intercessions with the god of battles..


The company must journey to the foothills where the Moonsea meets the Galena Mountains, scouts report that a strong force of fell creatures are blocking the trade route along the White Wyrm river. There are extensive cave networks along the coast. The lair of these creatures must be found, scouted and if possible destroyed.

The company keeps what it kills, declining the mission is not really an option.


The company opts for a huge heroes party with much ale and fighting to bring the favour of Tempus with them and with the beer buz still upon them launches into the ethereal winds to magically fly unseen to the east coast under the looming peaks of the Galena mountain range. After several hours of flying the coasts a likely cave entrance is found… scouting confirms this as more certain when two giants are found guarding it entrance. More sinister is the arrival of another ethereal traveller … a dark traveller riding a black horse with hooves ablaze and trailing flame and smoke across the Moonsea and into the cave….luckily the company were a safe distance away and were not seen, well it appear that nothing was seen.


The company debates how to deal with the giant guards and enter the caves.


Victory Over The Sleeping Serpent
Rescue of Strydar is complete and the evil in the cellar driven away

Victory Over The Sleeping Serpent


The ogres are defeated and you are free to continue to follow the devils down the southern passage.

Riki senses a malevolence from that direction that exceeds the band of devils you pursue…

Time to decide on next actions

Strydar frozen

All magic in the southern corridor ceases to work, after some experimentation the company correctly conclude that the mobile anti magic cone emanates from a beholder so Cale and Riki advance expecting trouble, the magic users hold back the other side of the anti magic zone so they can still use spells.

The passage opens out into a large chamber packed with waiting devils and the beholder himself. The company does not get death magic’d or disintegrated and now outside the hallowed area Cale and Riki are able to lead a summoned host of earth elementals to crush the beholder and scatter the devils in short order.


With the devils gone or dead the company find Strydar among six wall ornaments in a petrified state, unable to dispel the foul magic holding him they opt to hack him out the wall by elemental and take him to the temple of Tempus to try to restore him to health


The session and the “Sleeping Serpent” Adventure ends with the priests of Tempus restoring Strydar, leaving the subject of points and what the priests want in return for next session

Devils Ahoy
Devil Hunt in the Serpent Cellar


The flames in the brazier seem subdued by the smog the heat barely causing it to part.

Rufus gives out a bark to great a heavily cloaked but slight figure that comes into view, Xylia picking her way round the worst of the training yard mud while in discussion with one of the many acolytes of tempus.

The company resumes the vigil and ritual of keeping warm round the brazier, returning to the low murmured discussion and plans for the ice devil hunt…. it seems like you have been standing round this fire for a week.


The company walked the etheral plane to the cellar dungeon beneath the Sleeping Serpent Inn. The Inn above sounds silent and is assumed to still be abandoned.

The arcane arts and divine favor are used to layer magical defense on one and all.

Davus leads the group into the tunnels and through the flooded section to the repaired door to the ice devil lair. Cale performs a ritual to sanctify the area to tempus and deny magical travel to all in a vast area of subterranean tunnels.

The presence of tempus blessing alerts the devils and they flee with the heros in hot pursuit as they flee into as yet unexplored area…..from the sound of it the inhabitants of this new area are not fully welcoming of the creatures of darkness.

The pursuit is interrupted by four ogres making a brief stand in an entry guard room, a close quarters melee and spell exchange ensues leaving all ogres down and the heros a little bruised and burnt.

The party gathers to loot the ogres and take breath…. the Devils have disappeared to the south down a long corridor.

Riki can sense an even more malevolent evil in that direction and begins to ponder that the ice devil may mearly be the apprentice …. and now the master approaches


With the gold and gems stashed the party gathers in the opening to the south passage and plans are discussed in response to Riki’s report.

Return To The Serpent Pits
Once More Into the Pit


The Moonsea mist is bitter and cold in the Training yard of the Mulmaster Temple of Tempus, the smog hides the misery of the guards recruits training in the pottage like mud, the sounds muffled and distorted be the grey haze.

Riki has been brought back form deaths dark veil and it is yet unclear if his mind is unscathed. however there can be no more delay if the demons of the pit are to be stopped.

Xylia has not been seen since the escape nor has Stryder made himself known, if he is there below that vile pub not some demonic trick instead.

The company gathers in the lee of an arched cloister around the meagre heat from a turf burning brazier to plan yet another attempt to purge the demons from their lair.


The gremlins clogs the wheels of time and motion in the realms. Our time and space move on, in the muddy training yard all remains motionless…


Xylia has returned from the devils den, she explains how she did it and prompltly offers to kill and reincarnate Riki as something with a more cheerful disposition…. hummingbird

The Sleeping Serpent Part II
Mulmaster 29th Marpenoth 1373


Handout   sleeping serpent cellar

Having found that all is not as it seems at the Sleeping Serpent tavern in the Mulmaster docks district the company makes plans to investigate the cellar.

There is some thing not right down there … Cales divinations indicate a path to Strydar maybe there

Investigation and Preparation

Evening in the Sleeping Serpent
28th Marpenoth, 1373 DR, Mulmaster

Sleeping serpent


Having returned to Mulmaster after the retreat to Elventree to consult with ‘Father’ and drop of the Tattoo’d Slave Lyetta the company heads for the run down ‘Sleeping Serpent’ in the docks district, where Lyetta belives she was held before her escape.

This could be the first brush with the slavers since the devils fire tavern in Melvaunt

An evening in the serpent

The Evening in the Sleeping Serpent

The Serpant is quiet as the winter never brings as much trade. The landlady Seskaya has rooms sorted out and the company settle in for the evening around the fire. Brahms performs well and the evening goes well. Two other guests are of note, a reclusive traveller who keeps his own company and spends little time in the tap room. The other is a smooth an gregarious ships officer who seems to know the landlady and many of the patrons well.
Late in the evening it becomes clear that there are people in the seller as food is seen being ordered and collected, nothing more is seen… clearly all is not as it seems. Maybe the slavers are beneath the inn.

Davus uses his sorcerous powers to pass through walls and floors from the guest room, appears over the stairs; loosing his balance he tumbles down the stairs.,. A tense moment until it is clear that nobody has heard. The win cellar seems normal, but where did the man who came for the food go?
Davus searches quickly and finding nothing leaves before his magical concelment fades.

The company lead by Cale consult the divine servants of Tempus hoping for guidance…. there is something more than wine in the celler… and there is a possibility that a path to Strydar could be found.

The company considers the next course of action…


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