Mysteries of the Moonsea

East to the Galena Mountains

East to the Galena Mountains


Handout   moonsea seascape with ice

Even under the Eves of The Cormanthor with its fey enchantment, the winter Moonsea months are bleak
From the heights of Shimrond’s tower in Hillsfar the vast fresh water sea is a patchwork of thin ice sheets and still cold water with a distinctive but subtle purple hue.
Negotiations with the wise but sexy sorceress are complete and gold and favours have been exchanged for newly crafted and wondrous items.

Shimrond seems to prosper and is making cash an influence in portal mastery with her mephit allies. She to has heard of the monstrous threat in the Gelanas mountains and is curious to know if the followers of Vorbyx or Malar are at work.

Time to head east …. its going to be harsh out there…..The time has come to pay the priests of Tempus for the intercessions with the god of battles..


The company must journey to the foothills where the Moonsea meets the Galena Mountains, scouts report that a strong force of fell creatures are blocking the trade route along the White Wyrm river. There are extensive cave networks along the coast. The lair of these creatures must be found, scouted and if possible destroyed.

The company keeps what it kills, declining the mission is not really an option.


The company opts for a huge heroes party with much ale and fighting to bring the favour of Tempus with them and with the beer buz still upon them launches into the ethereal winds to magically fly unseen to the east coast under the looming peaks of the Galena mountain range. After several hours of flying the coasts a likely cave entrance is found… scouting confirms this as more certain when two giants are found guarding it entrance. More sinister is the arrival of another ethereal traveller … a dark traveller riding a black horse with hooves ablaze and trailing flame and smoke across the Moonsea and into the cave….luckily the company were a safe distance away and were not seen, well it appear that nothing was seen.


The company debates how to deal with the giant guards and enter the caves.




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