Mysteries of the Moonsea

Victory Over The Sleeping Serpent

Rescue of Strydar is complete and the evil in the cellar driven away

Victory Over The Sleeping Serpent


The ogres are defeated and you are free to continue to follow the devils down the southern passage.

Riki senses a malevolence from that direction that exceeds the band of devils you pursue…

Time to decide on next actions

Strydar frozen

All magic in the southern corridor ceases to work, after some experimentation the company correctly conclude that the mobile anti magic cone emanates from a beholder so Cale and Riki advance expecting trouble, the magic users hold back the other side of the anti magic zone so they can still use spells.

The passage opens out into a large chamber packed with waiting devils and the beholder himself. The company does not get death magic’d or disintegrated and now outside the hallowed area Cale and Riki are able to lead a summoned host of earth elementals to crush the beholder and scatter the devils in short order.


With the devils gone or dead the company find Strydar among six wall ornaments in a petrified state, unable to dispel the foul magic holding him they opt to hack him out the wall by elemental and take him to the temple of Tempus to try to restore him to health


The session and the “Sleeping Serpent” Adventure ends with the priests of Tempus restoring Strydar, leaving the subject of points and what the priests want in return for next session



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