Kerith of Pomarj


Kerith was born and raised in the Pomarj through infancy until his teens by his loving family, living and surviving in the wooded foothills of Suss Forest. That until a marauding group of orcs fell upon the homestead killing all bar Kerith, who out collecting deadwood missed the intial attack then ran and hid to stay alive. Over the next couple of years Kerith tarvelled, developing his skills in woodmanship and weaponry with the aim of tracking and killings Orcs whenever found. His travels lead him to the coast and then on a whim by ship away from the bad memories of Pomarj, eventually arriving in Melvaunt and the Moonsea to start a new life.

On the final stage of his journey by sea, the ship heading for Melvaunt was joined by a like minded group of travelers. Knowing little but bad things of Melvaunt the group became a party working on the basis of safety in numbers. The party worked well together through various adventures enhancing both their reputation and status within the city and its surroundings.

However, having failed to resolve a bite recieved from a Were Rat during an early confict with the City Thieves Guild, Kerith began to change. This change was soon noticed by Oublyn a Harper with strong contact with the party. His suspicions finally lead to a late night confrontation in which it was initially believed by his erstwhile colleagues that Kerith had perished at the hands of Oublyn and associated Harpers, inparticular Xylia Asima who was seen to cast the killing/cleansing Lightning Bolt. Xylia subsequently joined the party on the insistance of Oublyn initially to act as guide to assist in finding Vorbyx’s Tomb, Xylia becoming a permanent member of the team.

Unknown to the party or the Harpers, Kerith survived with the help of the Thieves Guild with whom he had been in league. Survived but know badly facially scared by Xylia’s lightening Kerith now takes to wearing a mask and hooded cloak at all times.

Once fit Kerith continued with his new path as Were Rat/Ranger and above all devotee of Malar. During his progression within the guild Kerith was also responsible for a liaison with the his former colleagues in contracting and paying for the succesful kidnap of Malathar’s 2nd in Command in Hilsfar. This liaison was limited to a face to face meeting with Shimrond the parties Wizard, the rest of the part especially Xylia having refused to meet face to face due to a desire for resolving earlier issues (Shimrond’s moral position being very flexible where money is involved).

Following the sucess of this and other tasks, the Beast Cult offered Kerith the opportunity of leading the hunt in the service of Malar the Beast Lord, an oportunity as a devote follower he has taken on with relish (that and the call of the wild).

Kerith of Pomarj

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