Mysteries of the Moonsea

Pillar of Fire II

Rock and Roll in the Mountain


Pillar of Fire II

As Buldon entered the large cave at the foot of the long cave passage the roof appears to collapse dumping tonnes of rubble just in front of the stunned company … Buldon vanishes in a cloud of dust, rubble and rock skitters over the cave floor…. close call …. phew

As the dust settles the company breathes easy and Bull starts to brush the dust from his clothes with a wry grin at his comrades. There is a resumption in the deafening rumble and roar of falling rock … Buldon sees his comrades expressions snap from relief to terror …. gazes rising upwards and involuntarily stepping backwards with weapons coming to the ready….

Bull snatchers a glance behind ….. oh smeg …. the rock fall forms into two vast rock elementals each towering as high as a house.


The company stands in shock and frozen to the spot …. The frantic barks from Rufus circling on the spot snap our heroes back to action. Xylia calls down bolt of divine fire that can hardly miss these brutes … the charge at xylia is akin to the cave wall rushing forward, a few magic gestures and words drowned out by the din and Burdon magically vanishes.

The rock elementals close the distance in a single stride … the world becomes a storm of shattering rock as vast stone feet and fists come crashing down.

Strider and Kenwood hesitate a moment but then press forward to hold the beasts back ….. this is what it must be like to be on the receiving end of druid magic …. and where the heck is the representative of Tempus lord of battle …. he should be here to share !

Crunch…kapoww …. crush …. the two warriors are literally kicked aside with the responding blows hardly noticing. Both stagger back dazed and in pain. The likelihood of death ahead.

Kenwood grasps the amulet given to him by Cale and calling out to Tempus vanishes

Rufus rushes in to harass the creatures as both turn on strider….. who is dazed or blinded and opts to launch into a series of graceless haymakers which threaten friend and foe alike, Stryder is clearly badly wounded, Rufus dodges stryders wild man defence… Stryder staggers clear just as a huge rock foot crashes down crushing Rufus to the floor … a pool of blood gushes out around… Buldon reappears to magical extract the rearguard and as the creature lifts his foot to shake clear the dog offal manages grabs a big part of what is left on the floor… Xylia realises that all is lost and retreats as a small bird …poultry …. well maybe not poultry ….. but what ever it is it tastes like chicken..

But it is a chicken that lives to fight another day!

From the relative safety of the mountain tunnel the company regroups and use the amulets of tempus to instantly return to Mulmaster’



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